Book cover (Bit late)

Book cover

This is my cover and it represents the conflicting realities within Montag. This shows that Montag’s realities is in constant war with himself.


Clarisse (General Part 3)

When Mildred reveals that Clarisse is ‘dead’ near the day her family left the city, it may be less of a coincidence than originally seems. Although it was like a small crack in Montag’s window, he realised it was there, it made him think even more. Clarisse is one of the biggest factors pushing Montag towards his new self, although the character exists for a short time, the push it gave Montag was tremendous. The reason why is because this character is one Montag has a deep bond with. Mildred isn’t even close to where Clarisse is in terms of relationship with Montag. Beatty also explains Clarisse’s background details as well as why she is an ‘oddball’. There is little mention of this peculiar person until the end. There is only one thing said which is probably skipped over by many who don’t realise, but those who do, question the truth just as the book people did with their society.

And he was surprised to learn how certain he suddenly was of a single fact he could not prove.
Once, long ago, Clarisse had walked here, where he was walking now.

Clarisse is a special person in Montag’s life, so special that he can sense where she has been. Clarisse is a mystery that not even Sherlock could solve.

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(Part 3 General Question 7) Book People

Montag had nowhere to go and was nearing death, if he had not found the book people, he would have perished physically, mentally or both. Montag was at the end of his rope, and he would not have recovered on his own, so a third party was introduced; the book people. These people had succeeded in finding the loopholes in the system, which is why they survived, because they were intelligent, or in that age, geniuses. Without the use of technology, they overcame the book’s weaknesses. Montag, being quite smart himself fitted in perfectly. Although Montag was saved by the book people, the book people needed him just as equally, because humans were the only method preservation. An analogy could be the lotus flower, it blooms in a swampy and stinky environment and yet smells pure, fresh, clean and is beautiful. The book people exist in a society of which discourages learning, intellects and freedom of speech. The book people became a group which indirectly opposes all three while standing within the boundaries.
The book people are special.

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Police Chase (Part 3 General Question 7)

When Montag turns bad, we get to see the law and order crew at work, and then we can also see that this society follows a concept that exists in other societies and in the animal kingdom as well. That concept is similar to ‘survival of the fittest’. It is the concept of ‘Eugenics’. It is when a society wants to rid their community of those unfit to exist in the society that they are following the way of Eugenics, therefore making their society ‘better’. Beatty himself uses a similar idea; burning. If there is anything anyone doesn’t like, then the firemen burn it. Supposedly, the unhappiness stems from the books, so they burn it. This relates to Montag’s police chase because, although he has only killed a person, nope, he can’t go to an asylum to redeem himself, it is immediately decided that he can be killed. This shows that 1. this society follows Eugenics and 2. America’s society today is very much like that of Fahrenheit 451’s.

(Part 2 General Technology) The Green Bullet

The green bullet is an invention of Faber, a man that represents the author. This man was a scientist even to when he was getting a bit too old. Luckily or unluckily (depends how you see the half filled glass*) the good man had to leave that job and all he could achieve with that type of intelligence was to play the stock market carefully and get enough money to make something, anything that passes the time, something to keep his mind to ticking and something to help retain his intelligence but not something that would make him a robot like most of the F451’s population. In his search for this ‘thing’ he may have come across the seashells, a strange device used as a one way listen only device and finds that he should make something which is a two-way communication device and that is when the green bullet is born. All the years after the popularisation of technology, Faber spends his time designing and refining that amazing little device. This little device is something that has technology but does not subtract the human social interaction.
I hope in the future, that is what technology is about, enhancing human interaction with each other, not giving new ‘methods’ to interact with each other and is really just a load of money-making games.

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*If optimistic, it means half full, whereas half empty is pessimistic.

Communism (Part 1 General) – Question 7 Response

Communism is something that exists all over the world, and although its system is fair from front to back, the people who use it is not. Why? Because they are simply a human. Humans were the irregular of this perfectly fine world, but humans were the unknown factor in this world, with little understanding to what their purpose was, they just kept moving forward. Eventually, the humans found other humans and then either became friend or foe. This moving forward concept has happened for a long time now and has brought humanity to what it is presently. Communism is a byproduct of the leaders that believe fairness is key to happiness of all the citizens under his/her leadership. It is a perfect system that everyone can understand and use but in reality, there are many factors that create problems and that will always happen. This factor is humans. Humans are the unknown factor which can give any theory a hard time. The thing is, communism is where everyone is equal and balanced, yet when the system is put into work, greed makes it’s move. Workers who are lazy and do less work also get the same amount as someone who worked really hard. This is where the problems start kicking in, those who work hard demand more whereas those who work less may have to start working more.

This sort of society can be good but under certain conditions. For F451’s society, they use drugs and brainwashing to create an extremely docile society, North Korea currently is moving towards that direction as well.

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Germany and Fahrenheit 451’s society (Part 1 General) – Question 7 Response

It was not long ago when terror reigned over most of Germany’s nation. Why? Because of a certain man, one that had no reason other than to become the head of Germany and make it reign superior. This man was named Adolf Hitler and he was a man built of lies and hate.

“…the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.”

Hitler has many times said that propaganda and lies was the way to go, and that it did not matter whether or not they were the lives of humans, because to him, Jews were inferior and the Germans were superior. The same way the parlour walls work in Fahrenheit 451, blast all the emotion and information at the person and all they can do is nod and say yes before they even know what they are agreeing to, however, Adolf Hitler takes it to the extreme, what he did was long term brainwashing, constant propagandas and made examples to those who rebel. As he once said:

“To conquer a nation, you must first disarm the citizens.”

That is how Hitler managed to get the effect that the F451’s society got. The effect of making the nation become a spitting image of the leader, mentally. Dobbing in those who were Jews and punishing those who didn’t dob them in.

The Nazi’s have a large similarity with Fahrenheit 451 and its evil qualities.